Frequently Asked Questions

At Carpet Options we find a number of people online are asking questions & wanting answers about carpet, about timber, about vinyl, about tiles & about all sorts of interesting topics related to flooring. To kick off our FAQ page & provide you with options & solutions, we’ve chosen the most frequently asked recent questions & answered them here. These are only a small sample of the variety of questions we are asked regularly.


By all means, if you have a question relating to carpet, timber, vinyl or tiles that you’d like answered, email us here at Carpet Options & we’ll get back to you promptly with a suitable response.



What is solution dyed nylon carpet?

Carpet’s most durable fibre, solution-dyed nylon carpet offers complete consistency in colour. Pigment & polymer are mixed before extrusion, so it offers a colourfastness against light & won’t fade, as well as long-term resilience, durability & superior stain resistance. The non-porous fibre can also resist odours. Solution-dyed carpet is very resistant to abrasion & wear as well as matting, which will keep the carpet looking like new for a long time.



What are the main differences between solution dyed carpet & wool carpet?

On our Carpet Types page we have a table that explains the differences in an easy to read format



What is wool blend carpet?

A good quality wool or wool blend carpet will outlast other carpet types & is suitable for both residential & commercial applications. Wool’s unique fibre structure makes it durable & hardwearing, so wool carpets keep their appearance longer. Available in a huge range of styles, wool & wool blend carpets are somewhat limited in the colour choices available. Modulated or level loop, twist & plush pile are the most popular carpet styles in wool or wool blend carpets.



So which carpet is best? Solution dyed nylon or wool?

Solution dyed nylon versus wool! Probably the question we are asked more than any other. We are talking about 2 different types of carpet — one a synthetic fibre - nylon, the other a natural fibre - wool. For equivalent value, both carpets have their own specific attributes.


Solution dyed nylon carpet has colour hold, the no fading factor & is slightly better when it comes to stain removal.


Wool gives a better wear overall & has a better ‘memory’ meaning that it bounces back better. You would notice this when you move furniture, for instance, when the indentations in the carpet made by the legs of a lounge or chair show up after resting in one spot for a long time.


Another thing to take into account is that a 6/6 fibre is a better quality than a 6 fibre carpet. At Carpet Options we find when choosing a new carpet, once you know where it’s going & all the other variables, it really all comes down to 3 main things: Pattern. Colour. Feel.


The final decision is really a personal one. Yours.



Which is the most stain-resistant carpet?

Definitely, Solution Dyed Nylon carpet.



What is Plush Pile Carpet?

Plush Pile carpet has the same appeal as velvet; a luxurious soft feel underfoot inviting you to lie down & roll on it. As with velvet, the pile direction adds another dimension with a shading effect as you walk over it.



Can you use cork flooring in wet areas?

Preferably not. While we are happy to lay cork in most areas of the home, including the kitchen, Carpet Options would not necessarily recommend using cork in the known wet areas such as bathrooms, toilets or laundries. We have many other flooring solutions we would recommend for these wet areas.



Could you suggest a carpet specifically suitable for pets?

Let me answer this another way. Although solution dyed nylons are stain resistant & have odour neutralising qualities to a point, timber, vinyl or tiles on floors tend to be much more effective & easier to keep clean when you have pets . That’s not to say people that have pets should not have carpet, it’s just that you need to be aware of the limitations when mixing pets & carpet. Most people with pets don’t mind, they just work a little harder to keep the carpet clean & smelling fresh. They may also replace their carpet sooner than those without pets. Indoor outdoor carpet on a deck would be fine as it can actually be hosed off.



Can I use marine carpet as a putting green?

Haha, yes! You could use a ribbed marine carpet & you are guaranteed to never miss a shot! :)


Seriously though, at Carpet Options we have non-directional velour marine carpets available in green, which would work fine as a golf putting green or we have a product called Grassman Duraturf which is an artificial turf product made especially for this use.



Marine carpet, indoor outdoor carpet, car carpet. What’s the difference?

Absolutely none. They are all ONE & THE SAME product - simply with a range of different uses. So yes, you can put indoor outdoor carpet in a boat, you can use marine carpet on a deck & you can use marine carpet in a ute or indoor outdoor carpet in a garage. It’s all the same thing. Due to its incredible versatility it has become known as a number of products when in fact it is all the same type of lightweight carpet, available in a number of styles such as smooth, patterned or ribbed & comes in a wide range of colours. See more >>



Can you give me some pricing on vinyl plank flooring?

Due to the variables & the unique nature of every flooring enquiry, whether it be carpet, timber, vinyl or tiles, it is difficult to give a costing until we have all the information. That is why at Carpet Options we offer a free measure & quote with no absolutely no obligation. That way we can give you a real price & the best price—once we gather all the data we require to quote on your particular project. Price is dependent on so many factors. We all know the old saying: ‘You get what you pay for.’ The price of the final product chosen is one factor, & if you are going to DIY, then yes, if we are given correct room measurements we can give you a price for supply only. But if you are like most of our clients & you prefer Carpet Options to complete the job, then there are many more issues to be considered - like installation for instance.


Your flooring quote will depend on how many rooms are to be covered & the shape & size of the flooring area, the environment, the substrate or surface it is being laid on & the preparation that may be required before the flooring can be installed.


Then there’s the old flooring to be considered: Is pull up of old carpet, underlay, timber, vinyl or tiles needed before you can start? Is underlay required or is the underlay still in reasonable condition? Is the furniture being moved prior to installation or do our installers have to move the furniture before they can begin the job? What trims are needed to complete the project? If laying the latest ‘fluffy -back’ vinyl on a concrete floor, has it been finished with a trowel or a broom finish?


These questions & more are all asked & answered as part of the service, but it goes to show that these variables & more need to be clarified before a fair & accurate quote can be given on any new flooring project.


At Carpet Options you’ll find we give you the best value, the best quality, the best service for the best price. In fact, at Carpet Options many of our clients come back again & again, & also refer us to their family, work colleagues & friends. (See Testimonials here) We like it when our customers are pleasantly surprised. Give Carpet Options a try & experience the difference. You won’t believe the quality for the price! Put simply: Our service will floor you.



What type of underlay do you use?

We only use the very best carpet underlay; Dunlop Luxury or Ultimate underlay. At Carpet Options Sunshine Coast we don’t believe in skimping on the underlay. By using a quality underlay you’ll notice a superior flooring finish every time. Underlay is the foundation of a good flooring result & the choice of underlay can have a minor impact on carpet price.


Sometimes when we see a competitor’s quote that seems too good to be true, usually the difference is because they’re using cheaper, inferior underlay to cut the price. Cheap underlay does no one any favours! Cheap underlay wears out fast & results in carpets feeling very hard underfoot. Unevenness & even rippling & stretching of the carpet can occur in a short period of time as the cheap underlay disintegrates underneath the carpet. Suddenly, that cheap quote (& a few dollars saved) can turn into buyer’s remorse. The classic quote “quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” leaps to mind.


Cheap underlay is simply not worth the hassle. That’s why at Carpet Options we only use Dunlop Luxury or Ultimate quality underlay that is 10mm thick with 90GSM density foam that also has the Environmental Tick of Approval. This underlay is guaranteed for years so that even when you change carpets again in 7-10 years time, you may find the underlay is still doing it’s job, with no need to replace it, so the savings second time round can be substantial. In most cases, Dunlop Luxury or Ultimate underlay is our weapon of choice to ensure a top job underfoot everytime.