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Carpet & flooring insurance quotes

Let’s face it. No one really WANTS to get an insurance quote for their carpet . But no matter how careful we are, accidents are bound to happen somewhere along the way, in the home or at the office. Sometimes life throws us curveballs. It’s all part of living. At Carpet Options we’ve seen just about everything that can cause your carpet or flooring to need replacing. That’s why when it comes to insurance quotes for carpets & flooring, we’re the ones to call first. Carpet Options specialises in providing insurance quotes with solutions to help fix your carpet or flooring problem — as soon as we possibly can.


Flooding is the biggest cause of insurance claims. Carpets wet from storms, broken pipes, leaking dishwashers or washing machines & overflowing baths are the most common. And once they are wet, it’s usually not long before they start smelling bad. But there are many other things that can happen to your carpet & floors. Like iron burns, or oil spills, badly stained or torn carpet, rust marks left from watering indoor plants, mould damage, fire damage, sewerage overflows — you name it, at Carpet Options we’ve probably seen it, dealt with it & replaced it. That’s part of what we do. But from your point of view, it’s personal. It’s your home or your business that has had an unplanned mishap, an unsightly accident or an unpleasant event & this can be devastating, frustrating, annoying or just downright inconvenient. You just want it fixed as soon as possible. That’s where Carpet Options can assist, remove the stress, clear the mess & help you get back on track so you can get on with your busy life.


So what do you do when you need an insurance quote to replace your carpet or flooring?

Firstly, call your insurance provider.

They will discuss the matter with you & ask you to get a quote for your insurance claim.


They will provide you with a claim number. We need this when we provide you with an insurance quote.


Next, call Carpet Options on 5476 0977 so we can come out to do a free measure & quote then assess the damage firsthand as soon as possible. Depending on your individual situation, we have a wealth of industry knowledge, hints, recommendations, tips & suggestions on how to deal with the immediate damage & whatever may be bothering you during the replacement phase; these are practical things that can make your life a little bit easier until the job is done. It can be an emotional & upsetting time but it’s important to stay calm. We know how best to deal with these situations & we have a step-by-step plan of attack to assist you to attend to these emergencies efficiently & effectively—so don’t just react. You may not be thinking clearly & what you do next can unintentionally be making matters worse. So, grab a cuppa if you can, sit down & call us first at Carpet Options so we can guide you through the process with minimal disruption. In some instances you may require the services of other industry contractors to clean, to dry out, to remove mould, to do repairs—before the carpet or new flooring can be relaid & your home or business is returned to its normal state. We have a network of local service providers we can recommend in this instance.


Carpet Options will provide you with a written quote including your Claim Number. We can send the quote directly to your Insurer if you wish or you can handle it yourself. As soon as the quote has been approved by your insurance provider, Carpet Options will act as quickly as possible & work with you—to help you select & order your chosen carpet, timber, vinyl or tiles, keep you informed along the way & when it arrives, install & replace your flooring — all with a minimum of fuss. If time really is of the essence, we do have a limited quantity of carpet & vinyl on hand, in a neutral colour range, to turn the job around faster if need be.


It’s something that is not often talked about, but when an unwelcome event happens & there is damage to your flooring, it can disrupt the entire household while it is being replaced & cause a lot of unnecessary stress. When it comes to insurance quotes & replacement flooring on the Sunshine Coast, at Carpet Options we do our best to take as much of the hassle as we can out of the process of replacing your carpet or flooring.


Call Carpet Options right away & let us worry about it. Our service will floor you!